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Anatech is a leading supplier of innovative analytical instrumentation and consumables encompassing Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, Microbiology, Water Analysis, Elemental Analysis, Molecular Spectroscopy and Molecular Biology. Anatech has a dedicated team of qualified specialists offering full service, application support and training on all instruments supplied. Assuring you of our total commitment to premium products and services.

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LGA provides gas-related equipment to laboratories with high-purity gas requirements including high purity gas generators, liquid nitrogen generators, high-purity gas installations, stainless steel fittings, gas filters and air compressors and dryers.


Leaders in cutting-edge Elemental Analysis since 1936, LECO continuously evolves to exceed your expectations. With our latest generation of ultra high-resolution Gas Chromatographs, GCxGC and Mass Spectrometers, LECO has championed the research and development and commercial sectors in various fields.


At Merck we provide a comprehensive range of high-quality products for accurate, brilliant results in a variety of analytical applications, including Chromatography, Titration, Elemental Trace Analysis, Classical Analysis and Air Monitoring supporting a variety of customer segments.


Microsep is a supplier of high technology laboratory and analytical instrumentation in Southern Africa.  Via our principal, Waters Corporation, we offer the sale and support of chromatography systems, mass spectrometry systems, accessories, columns, sample prep chemistries and powerful data management software and informatics.


Peak Scientific is a market-leading manufacturer of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generators because our brand is synonymous with quality products and excellent customer service.


PerkinElmer established direct operations in South Africa in 2012 and currently supports customers in South Africa and neighboring countries across a wide range of markets. Our analytical product range covers Chromatography, Spectroscopy and Mass spectrometry.


Promolab (Pty) Ltd T/A SEPARATIONS founded in 1989, has been serving South African scientists with a highly focused, innovative and synergistic line of chromatography supplies.


Shimadzu provides high-performance Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and Spectroscopy instruments and consumables to support research, technology development, and quality control in medical, food, materials, and a variety of other fields.


Sales offering Young In Chromass for GC (MS) & HPLC
Service division that specialises in 3rd party support and maintenance.
Validation options for instrument qualification


Separation Scientific SA (Pty) Ltd offers a broad product portfolio of innovative instrumentation and consumables for Medical, Academic, Analytical, Biotechnology and Research Facilities. Supported by technical expertise for the maintenance and servicing of instrumentation, Sep Sci is your total laboratory solution provider!

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